Construction Marketing Awards

Winner: Best Use of Press & Public Relations; Winner: Best Use of Public Relations; Winner: Best Use of Digital Communications; Finalist: Best Use of Press & Public Relations; Finalist: Best Use of Public Relations; Finalist: Best Use of Digital Communications & Media; Finalist: Best Campaign Under 25,000

Electrical Industry Awards

Winner: Marketing Campaign of the Year; Twice finalist: Marketing Campaign of the Year

British Interactive Media Awards

Winner: Best B2B Measurements & Results


  • June 2016:
  • New website imminent.
  • Oh: that new web site we mentioned ages ago. Well: it's imminent at last...
  • Making the best of BSS
  • Facta is delighted to have been appointed to manage B2B public relations for BSS Industrial. Part of the Contract Merchanting Division of Travis Perkins plc, BSS is the UKs market-leading distributor of pipeline and heating solutions for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Winners once again
  • Facta once again won the Best Use of Press & Public Relations category in the Construction Marketing Awards. It's the second time Facta has won this category, last in 2012. This most recent award, for a campaign on behalf of Mira Showers, now sits on the shelf alongside others such as Best Use of Digital Communications, Best B2B Measurement & Results, Marketing Campaign of the Year - and another Best Use of Press & Public Relations!

New website next week...

1. Obviously, there's nothing worse than a website that appears neglected, static and moribund. Unloved, uncared for and - most heinous of all - not updated. And we couldn't agree more.

After however-long-it-has-been-now on this platform which, at the time, was cutting edge; this website has now past its sell-by date. It's tired, old fashioned and, frankly, no longer fit for purpose. And it's only here because the new, snazzy, cutting-edge-again one is being tweaked prior to launch next week.


So just bear with us a little while.

2. Owing to a server change, and a major data migration exercise, we're currently unable to send emails until early next week. In the weird way of the cloud (and for reasons we'll admit to not fully understanding), we are still receiving them - yet just cannot send. So if you are expecting a reply, please bear with us, as either it'll come from Hotmail or somesuch - or from Facta proper shortly.

In the interim, please note: We Moved!

New address:

Facta Golden Cross House 8 Duncannon Street London WC2N 4JF

Telephone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

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Facta is an award-winning media and marketing communications specialist to the construction and allied industries.

It is utterly focused on detail, delivery, difference and value.

Its core business is B2B public and press relations.

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