• October 2014:
  • Facta gets the hots for Warmup
  • Facta starts work for Warmup plc - the world's best-selling floor heating brand - on the launch of its latest smart thermostat, and one that may well smash the Hive or oust Nest: the cuckoo in your home...

No-one likes a moribund website...

and this one isn't, exactly.

Obviously, there's nothing worse than a website that appears neglected, static and moribund. Unloved, uncared for and - most heinous of all - not updated. And we couldn't agree more.

Admittedly, this one has been left a bit fallow, yet there's a reason. After however-long-it-has-been-now on this platform which, at the time, was cutting edge; this website has now past its sell-by date. It's tired, old fashioned and, frankly, no longer fit for purpose. And it's only here because the new, snazzy, cutting-edge-again one ain't flippin' ready. Copy's done, images ready, dummy pages in place even...

So just bear with us a little while.

In the interim, please note: We Have Moved

Our lovely comfy building in Covent Garden, where we were happily ensconced for 10 years, is being knocked down for posh flats and shops. As there's a shortage round there, apparently.

New address:


Golden Cross House

8 Duncannon Street

London WC2N 4JF

Telephone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

And watch this space for the new website. Any. Minute. Now.

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Facta is an award-winning media and marketing communications specialist to the construction and allied industries.

It is utterly focused on detail, delivery, difference and value.

Its core business is B2B public and press relations.

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