• March 2014:
  • KSI: Vegas
  • Kristina Smith Investigates the serried delights of ConExpo - the Vegas monster show where 2,400 exhibitors reveal new products and technologies from asphalt, aggregates, concrete and earthmoving to lifting, mining and utilities.
  • January 2014:
  • A damp start to the year
  • No-one can have escaped the wet weather - even if having avoided the most serious effects, such as flooding and chronic damp. If not though, a raft of high-spec, quality solutions are offered by Safeguard Europe - the UK’s leading specialist in damp- and waterproofing, and masonry repairs. And by happy coincidence, it's just appointed Facta to handle it's B2B comms!
  • December:
  • Kristina goes to Sleep
  • Kristina Smith visits the high end hotel show Sleep, and takes a view after a few zeds....
  • November:
  • What do we know?
  • Facta publishes the first in its new series of White Papers. A Green Deal...but a fair one? can be read here

KSI: Vegas

Kristina Smith Investigates the US version of BAUMA - where 2,400 exhibitors ply their wares to over 125,000 visitors.

Early March is a lovely time of year to visit Las Vegas; clear skies, plenty of sunshine but not too hot to walk around.

This is an important consideration when you are visiting ConExpo, a huge construction plant show, rather than the neon-lit basements of the hotels on the Strip.

ConExpo is North America’s answer to Europe’s Bauma, but with friendlier people. I’ve never been called ‘Miss Kristina’ before – and I rather liked it.

But at the end of the four-day exhibition, I didn’t leave thinking about North America, Las Vegas, or even the charming Americans. My thoughts were about countries much further East.

The most exciting show news for me was about a new business which has been set up to sell Chinese excavators and wheeled loaders online (icpdirect.com), with the backup of North American-style after-sales services. They will be 30% to 45% cheaper than competitor products. What a great idea!

At the same time, gossip around the stands centred on a major manufacturer pulling out of Italian show Samoter, to be held in May this year, with rumours that the show might even be cancelled.

What both these stories serve to underline is that the world order is changing fast. Exhibitions, companies and business models have to change too.

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